Welcome to Green Job Webinars! Below are some basic questions and answers about the site.  Feel free to contact us with any questions not answered below.

What is Green Job Webinars?
Green Job Webinars is an online platform to provide educational information to job seekers and entrepreneurs interested in environmental or social responsibility.

Who is behind Green Job Webinars?
Green Job Webinars is a service of Green Jobs Network, which is a part of the Green Economy Media portfolio. Green Economy Media also runs a resource for entrepreneurs, Green VC. Green Economy Media is run by Leonard Adler.

Green Economy Media is based in the David Brower Center. This building is named after the late David Brower, who among his contributions, served as Executive Director of the Sierra Club, founded Friends of the Earth, co-founded the League of Conservation Voters, and founded Earth Island Institute.

If I would like to offer a webinar who should I contact?
Contact Leonard Adler at (510) 768-7011 or leonard [at] greenjobs.net